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Our SchoolOur Name, Logo, System and Arts
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Statement of Purpose
Black Belt:  What Is It?
Ethical Base
Gender Differences
Required Equipment
Recommended Training Shoes
Male Groin Protection Survey"Dang Thing's Uncomfortable!"
Best Way to Wear a CupSafely & Comfortably
Female Groin & Breast Protection
Long-Distance Training
School Reviews (10)
Workshop Testimonials
Class Schedule 
Training Philosophies 
Training SmarterAging and Injury: Friends In Black?
Strong-Side Forward
Techniques or Principles
Capturing The Limb    –  The Basic Concept
Defanging the Snake –  A Needed Application
Offensive Back-kick    –  Defanging Example
PunchingEveryone Knows How.  Right?
Forms TrainingThe Forms We Study
Why Study Forms?
Chapter 7, Martial Arts America
YouTube thumbnail image Example of How We Teach Forms
StancesClassical or Contemporary
Reflex and Habit Defined
Facing An Armed Assailant
Practical Knife Skills
A Practical Self-defense Folder
Sombrada-Range Knife Drill
Sombrada-Range Baton Drill
Sombrada-Range Empty-Hand Drill
Martial Arts and Concealed Carry
MMA Rules
Our Fighting Rules

All downloadable copies that you may find on the Internet are illegal.  They are put out there by thieves who copyright their own web sites but refuse to respect anyone else's copy rights.  No one, repeat, no one other than the author and Paladin Press owns these copy rights.
These Books and Videos took years to produce - years of training to understand the arts, and years of work just to share these sometimes "secret" insights with you and others who will benefit from learning them.
These original videos were produced by the absolute finest publisher, Paladin Press, whose quality is consistently excellent.  Moreover, if you compare the content to cost ratio of these with other Paladin videos (i.e. how many minutes of quality instruction are provided per dollar spent) you quickly see that you are getting an exceptional return on your investment.
Purchasing copyrighted videos legally actually supports the hard-working team who labor to put them together and it ensures that other top-quality videos will follow.  Again, please do not download these videos from the Internet.
Books and Videos
Fighting Forms of Kuntao-Silat  (Video, 2009)
Fighting Forms Workbook Page
YouTube thumbnail image Paladin YouTube Preview
Reviews (16)
Why Study Forms?
Fighting Footwork of Kuntao and Silat  (Video, 2004)
YouTube thumbnail image Paladin YouTube Preview
Reviews (15)
Fighting Footwork of Kuntao and Silat Workbook  (eBook, 2013)
Sample Workbook Page
Reviews (1)
Reflex Action: Training Drills to Fighting Skills  (Video, 2002)
YouTube thumbnail image Paladin YouTube Preview
Reviews (12)
Kilap Hand Drill Chart (1-10)
Fighting Arts of Indonesia  (FAI) (Video, 1997)
Reviews (25)
Indonesian Fighting Fundamentals  (IFF) (published 1996)
Reviews (35)
Uncle Bill's Review of This Book and its Companion Video
Uncle Bill's 2009 Critique of Our Kuntao Books and DVDs
IFF & FAI  Set  (Great Savings from Paladin Press!) 
Martial Arts America: A Western Approach To Eastern Arts
Reviews (29)
The Book  (written 1993,  published 1998)
Introduction  –   Dedication, Foreword, etc.
Chapter   1   –   Why Study Martial Arts?
Chapter   2   –   The Evolutionary Cycle of Combat Arts
Chapter   3   –   Preserving Ancient Arts
Chapter   4   –   Lethal Skill at a Friday Night Party
Chapter   5   –   The Value of Tradition
Chapter   6   –   From Philosophical to Practical
Chapter   7   –   Kata—Forms Training
Chapter   8   –   Sport Karate
Chapter   9   –   The Yin Connection: Women & the Martial Arts
Chapter  10–   Metaphysical Practice
Chapter  11–   The Spiritual Dimension
Chapter  12–   Yellow Pages Master
Chapter  13–   Quality Instruction—Where to Find It
Other Recommended Books & Videos
YouTube Video Clips 
YouTube thumbnail image Heavy Bag 30-second Drill
YouTube thumbnail image Langkah 6 Application
YouTube thumbnail image Double-end Bag Training
YouTube thumbnail image How We Teach Forms
Willem de Thouars
Our Instructors – Ron Richardson & Bob Orlando
Martial Artist or Martialist
What It Means To Be A Teacher
  Podcast Interview by Michael Schwarz (DefensiveCombat)
Garrote Larense – 2001 Article by Bruno Cruicci
Martial Arts and Christian Faith
Addressing Christian Concerns
A Practical Definition of Chi
Links–   To Friends and Services We REALLY Recommend

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Web Site of Bob Orlando: Instructor in Kuntao-Silat (Chinese kuntao and Dutch-Indonesian pukulan pentjak silat), author of two popular martial art books: "Indonesian Fighting Fundamentals" and "Martial Arts America: A Western Approach to Eastern Arts"; and producer of four martial art videos: Fighting Arts of Indonesia, Reflex Action, Fighting Footwork of Kuntao and Silat, Fighting Forms of Kuntao-Silat. Offering practical martial arts instruction to adults living in and throughout the Denver metropolitan area including, Lakewood, Littleton, Morrison, and Golden Colorado.