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Reflections of an Indo Pesilat
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Reflections of an Indo Pesilat
by Jim Ingram and Andrew Shinn

This book is a unique look into the perspectives of a generation almost lost to history. Jim Ingram's personal reflections on the martial arts (specifically pencak silat) are deeply rooted in his upbringing as an Indo in colonial Indonesia. In addition to the historical, cultural and philosophical material presented in this volume, Jim Ingram has included a wealth of practical information about the martial arts in general, with specific examples from pencak silat.

Visit Mr. Ingram's web site at  http://www.angelfire.com/ri/Pukulan/ for more information.

Dacascos Tactical Systems
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with Sifu Al Dacascos

Turning Martial Arts Theory into Self-Defense Reality.

Sifu Al is the first of four significant teachers from whom I learned. He is one really smart and highly talented martial artist. I could not recommend him or his videos more highly.





Jim Grover\'s Combatives Series (picture)
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with Kelly McCann (aka Jim Grover)

I'm going to make this real simple--no quoting the promotional text. I recommend anything Jim Grover (aka Kelly McCann) puts out. Start with his "Combatives Series" and his "Situational 'Offense'" and go from there. Enough said.

Visit Kelly McCann's (Jim Grover's) web site at  http://www.kellymccanncombatives.com/
for more information.





Pukulan Pentjak Silat Video (picture)
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The Devastating Fighting Art of Bukti Negara-Serak

with Stevan Plinck

Pukulan pentjak silat is one of the most brutally effective fighting methods known to man. This video reveals the secrets of silat's lightning-fast upper-body movements and lower-body destructions and shows you how to integrate them into an unstoppable fighting combination. Color, approx. 65 minutes.




Roberto Torres video cover (picture)
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with Roberto Torres

Kuntao, as practiced in Indonesia and the Phillipines, is totally combat oriented. It is a punishing art, characterized by tearing and breaking. Roberto Torres' foundation is based on three systems: Petjut Kilat Silat, Visitacion Kuntao and Wu Kung Kuntao. (Tape 1 of a 4-volume set shown.)

Visit Roberto Torres' web site at  http://www.TalioInternational.com.




Filipino Kuntao video (picture)
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with Rick Hernandez

Professor Rick Hernandez is a master of kuntao who received his training in the deadly art of Filipino kuntao directly from Filipino martial arts legend Florendo Visitacion. Now this same training is available to you. In this savage two-tape video series, Hernandez reveals the deadly secrets of Filipino kuntao and presents a comprehensive training program in this lethal combat art. Hernandez leads you step by step through the explosive footwork, kicking and striking methods of kuntao; then he shows you how these components of the art flow together to create an unstoppable fighting system.




Meditations on Violence (book cover)
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by Rory Miller

A Comparison of Traditional Martial Arts Training & Real-World Violence

Experienced martial artist and veteran correction officer Sgt. Rory Miller shares what he has learned from jailhouse brawls, tactical operations and ambushes to explore the differences between traditional martial arts and what real martial arts were supposed to deal with: Violence.


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