Most Comfortable Way To Wear a Cup
Experience has shown that the most comfortable way to wear the banana-style, hard cup (Cricket or Franklin) is to begin with your undershorts.  (The shorts act to absorb much of the perspiration.)  Over the shorts pull on a regular athletic support – that is, a regular jockstrap, not the pouch jockstrap often packaged with the purchased cup.  (The regular jockstrap generally provides much better support and it holds the cup more securely in place.1)  Into the regular support insert the cup.  And for those desiring the cup to be held even more securely, add a pair of spandex shorts over it all.  This method has worked best for us for decades.
Wearing a cup--step 1   Wearing a cup--step 2   Wearing a cup--step 3   Wearing a cup--step 4

  1. According to one of our students, the Cricket Cup GP (Groin Protection) Brief by Aero  provides more than adequate support while holding the cup securely in place. 
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