Ethical Base
Spiderman "With power comes great responsibility."  That line from Spiderman, attributed to his Uncle Ben's last or most remembered phrase, is so applicable to our school's ethical standard.  A martial arts school, particularly one focused on combat, provides its students with great power. Our training enables the student to successfully match aggression or a threat with overwhelming force thus, either getting the aggressor to stand down or overcoming him as necessary.

Teaching individuals literally "how to hurt someone" (without  needlessly  hurting anyone) demands a sound ethical base as its foundation. Therefore, without apology, we use the teachings of Jesus Christ as the basis for that ethical standard.  The physical implementation of those principles is as important to what we teach as are the actual martial skills. Put another way, teaching serious martial skills devoid of ethics, makes one little better than a thug.
— Ed Daniels  

Our  emphasis  is  on  the  practical.
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