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Links on this page are limited to the following:  

    1. Related arts (kuntao or silat).
    2. Other martial artists with whom I have trained or observed, as well as those whose work
        I personally recommend.
    3. Sites whose message, philosophy, products or services I endorse.
    4. Personal friends and acquaintances.
The list is relatively short because for me, a link is an endorsement.
To endorse everyone is to endorse no one.
(No reciprocal link is required or even requested from anyone listed here.)

Links to Kuntao and Pentjak Silat Websites
Amerindo Pentjak Silat
Mustika Kweetang Silat – Jim Ingram
Progressive Martial Arts 
Stewart Lauper – without question the finest martial artist I know
Wu-Li School of Martial Arts 
John McKenna – one of our black belts
Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts (IAMA)
Dan Inosanto
Progressive Kali Silat
Mike Tabor – Charlotte, MI
Malay Fighting Arts Academy
Official Website of Guru James Hogue – Gardner, KS
Five Dragons Silat
Teaching Pentjak Silat Pekoelan Tjimande Batin from the lineage of Willy Wetzel – Pittsburgh, PA
Pentjak Pukulan Silat & Kuntao Books & Videos
Alex van Deelen
Talio International
Roberto Torres
Frontier Martial Arts Club
Sifu Bill Graves, Sifu Joe Cobbett, and Jeff Neal – Kali & Chinese Boding

Links to Other Martial Art Websites

Essential Guide To Self-Defense For Women
Omaha Outdoors – We Don't Buck Around
Instinctive Response Training
Brian VanCise – A really knowledgeable and capable martial artist
Combat Serrada Escrima - Boston
Brian Jacobs
Defend University
Brad Parker
The Koga Institute
Robert Koga – Proven,  Best Education and Training for Law Enforcement and Corrections.
Defensive Combat Initiatives – Serrada Escrima
Michael Schwarz
No-Nonsense Self-Defense
Mark "Animal" MacYoung & Dianna Gordon
Shinja Kai – John Darby, Everett, WA
Way of Compassion
Link changed to a site that reflects this art. (2020/03/05)
International Network of Christian Martial Artists
Jeff McLaughlin
Knights of True North
James Nelson
Black Belt Magazine logo
World's Leading Magazine of Martial Arts

Other Useful Links
Operation Restored Warrior

ACT for America
Fearlessly speak out in defense of  America, Israel and Western civilization.

Gun Owner of America Gun Owners of America
The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington.
–Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)

Firearms and Liberty Firearms & Liberty
Police are  Not Required To Protect Individuals
–Essay by Peter Kasler

GoDaddy GoDaddy
You can trust GoDaddy with your domain.
More than 12 million people already do.

New technology, new procedures, bringing back your old, younger body
(at the  Vein Care Institute,  just one block east of Alameda and Wadsworth).
Mile High Family Medicine
Great staff,  great facility,  great service,  including  After-hours Emergency Care.
(Just one block south of Alameda and Wadsworth). 
Union Square Pharmacy
John Urrutia – Compounding Pharmacist
Integrated Wellness Services
Dr. Sue Ann Eckes is a great Chiropractor – the only one we will ever use. 
Laser Hair Removal, Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Aesthetic Fillers & Injectables. 
Maroon Creek Photography
Shawn Kassner – absolutely super photographer. 
Dimension Financial Services LLC – Individual & CorporateTaxes
Best tax preparers we have ever used. 
Kardia Family Legacy – Building Impactful Christian Family Legacies
Joseph S. Sturniolo & Associates, INC. 
7535 E Hampden Ave, #501,   Denver, CO 80231 
Sun Valley Automotive – Serving Colorado Since 1979
Best automotive repair shop we've have ever found! 
Bear Creek Auto Body – Serving Colorado Since 1987
Excellent auto body repair facility – Repairs guaranteed. 
Joe Hall Energy Consulting
Joe did an outstanding energy audit of our home.  He even recommended a very good insulator who did an excellent job.  We can feel a real difference.
Complete Comfort Heating & Air ConditioningExcellent Service and Repair
We've worked with them since 2003.  They're great.
Matzen Electric & Solar
If you're looking for timely and reliable residential electrical service from a contractor who really cares and takes pride in his work, Brian Matzen is your man.
Arbor Pro TreeYour Emerald Ash Borer Experts
Arbor Pro has taken care of our trees for going on ten years now.  They know their stuff.
Pro DisposalA Proud Colorado Residential Trash, Recycle and Roll Off Company
We've worked with them since 2001.  Never had any problem with them.
Superior Fitness – Santa Fe, New Mexico
Great facility with great equipment!  Best place to workout in Santa Fe
Link updated to FB page.
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