Defanging the Snake

The following is an excellent, real-life example of precisely why we focus on
destroying  an  assailant's  ability  to  fight  by  attacking  his  limbs  first —
what is referred to in the Filipino martial arts as Defanging The Snake.

COLORADO SPRINGS, February 17, 2011 — A man who claimed to be God fought through two taser blasts before officers tackled and arrested him Thursday morning.

Colorado Springs police say 21-year-old Jorelle Antivo charged officers in the hallway at an apartment building in the central part of the city at about 3:40 a.m.

Police had been called to the Residence at Austin Bluffs, an apartment complex near Austin Bluffs Parkway and N. Academy Blvd., to investigate a report of a burglary.

That's when they found the Antivo, who investigators say admitted to smoking psilocybin mushrooms, also known as "magic mushrooms," a hallucinogenic drug with similar effects to LSD.

The police report says officers told Antivo to lie down, but he refused their order. He was then hit with the first Taser blast, and that had no effect.

Then officers say the suspect came toward them, and told them that he is God.

"Physical force was used to create distance and a second taser was deployed, again with no effect," the report reads. "He fled and was tackled in the hallway. Only after medical intervention did he regain a calm demeanor."

The police report says it took four officers to subdue the man. Paramedics took him to a hospital. He was arrested for obstructing an officer, issued a summons and released.

Investigators say it turns out Antivo was not trying to burglarize any apartments, but he had mistaken the building for his own, and was attempting to open doors without his key.


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Effectively defending yourself against anyone whose pain perception is as abated as this individual's clearly was, often requires quickly removing his ability to wage war. A powerful blow to the head or the body will be no where near as effective as, for example, taking out his knee — again, "Defanging the Snake." Even if your assailant feels no pain, simply standing with a dislocated knee or a broken leg will not be possible, much less being able to continue to fight. Again, even if he feels no pain, there is simply no structure there to support his weight. If he cannot stand, he cannot fight — simple as that. It is simply the difference between switches and timers.

Our  emphasis  is  on  the  practical.
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