Uncle Bill's Review

Received from Willem de Thouars, December 10, 2000. Except for clarifying insertions (identified within brackets "[...]"), the only editing performed on this document was to correct spelling. This strict, conservative approach preserves Uncle Bill's unique personality and frees the reader to interpret the man's words for himself.

Bob Orlando's well-published book by Paladin Press, [Indonesian Fighting Fundamentals,] is truly a success. If not, it has come close to Donn Draeger's work on the topics of weapons and fighting arts of the Archipelago. I would like to take this opportunity by expressing my feelings in thanking Bob Orlando publicly, for honoring me with his recognition. When touching a surface of Bob's writing, his manuscript covers the Indonesian arts, in its value and in his version of the practice of Pukulan as well written in a technical sense. It is superbly done! The reader has to approach Bob's book with an open mind by seeing things from the author's point of view. Additional to Bob's written material, he has also paid tribute and honor to other Dutch-Indonesian masters as well, in which some are mentioned and others are not.

Stewart Lauper and Moi in Bills Backyard

In adding to my feelings is by saying that Bob Orlando and Stewart Lauper are two individuals who as students had trained with intensity in my backyard, first in Lafayette and later in Northglenn, Colorado for several years in the past. Before Bob and Stewart came to me as students, by all means they were already established as seasoned practitioners in other arts. In my happiness with students these men sing their own songs. As I don't like students to be replicas of me. In my conclusion, Bob's book and video tape [Fighting Arts of Indonesia] is highly recommended by me, excellent reading material and good for learning. With many thanks to Bob and Stewart, all my seniors still practicing with me, and all other individuals in the U.S. and other parts of the world for practicing, training, teaching and spreading the concepts and essences of my arts. Whom names are too much for mentioning as chapters of bookparts are needed to write their names down. And for some I was forced to distance myself from them due to their lack of understanding of me.

Please with peace in your heart,  and by letting God be the skipper of your soul,  always,

Uncle Willem de Thouars

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