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Journal of Asian Martial Arts
Volume 9, Number 2, August 2000  
Media Review – by Arthur C. Andersen
Ashland University
Bob Orlando has organized a very concise package of physical principles indicative of martial movement as imparted from his instructor, Willem de Thouars.  He has not tried to offer a comprehensive history of Indonesian martial arts, but instead, gives colorfully detailed representations of the techniques which comprise the basic repertoire of his interpretation of Indonesian fighting fundamentals.

The Introduction and the first chapter give the reader several specific, academic guidelines for developing an open-minded perspective for pursuing general mastery through practice.  Chapters 2 through 7 proceed to detail one specific physical principle per chapter. The concepts include adhesion, whiplash, gyroscopic rotation, shearing, seating, and leg maneuvers, respectively.

Orlando chose to use common terms other than traditional Indonesian expressions.  The terms capture the key physical attribute of each specific principle without any confusing, foreign expressions a novice enthusiast might encounter.

Sequential photographs provide thorough back-up to the text.  They clearly achieve the book's goal of explaining key physical principles of movement indicative of success in any martial discipline and specific to de Thouars' Kuntao Silat.

Chapter 8, takes the independent principles covered in the previous six chapters and guides the reader toward amalgamating those into usable strategies.  From here, the reader might gain a better comprehension of the necessity for developing the flow of movement within the parameters of a well-planned conditioning protocol.

The concluding chapters 9 through 14 pertain to some of the more traditional aspects of the martial arts as tempered from an Indonesian forge.  Such topics include the classic argument of kuntao versus silat, the complexities of past, present and future social responsibilities contained in the issues of using force in "self-defense" situations, the use of forms-training, character development through martial practice, and a brief synopsis of kun lun pai, the primary discipline Willem de Thouars has organized.

Mr. Orlando, has given the martial arts library a well-written, easy to follow and neatly illustrated paperback.  It presents a thorough overview of his own understanding of the physical, mental, and spiritual fighting principles which he has discovered to be fundamental to the martial disciplines he has experienced from working with Mr. de Thouars and de Thouars' senior student, Mr. George Morin.

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